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Alicat Standard Mass Flow Controller MCE-500SCCM-D-DB9U-SV/5M, 5IN, GAS: N2

Alicat Standard Mass Flow Controller MCE-500SCCM-D-DB9U-SV/5M, 5IN, GAS: N2
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Part Number:MCE-500SCCM-D-DB9U-SV/5M, 5IN, GAS: N2
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Mass flow controller secures stable flow

Flow stability rests on a controller’s ability to be fast and accurate. Our mass flow controllers are faster than any others, suppressing line pressure fluctuations in real time to maintain stable flow, which saves you time and operational expense.
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Making You Faster

  • 50-100 ms speed of response stills upstream fluctuations.
  • Accessible PID valve tuning for best speed and stability.
  • Custom valve orifice sizing yields full-range stability.
  • Control mass flow, volumetric flow or absolute pressure with one device.
  • No warm-up: ready to control process flows in one second.
  • Patented differential pressure-based flow measurement technology.
  • Numerous user-selectable engineering units.
  • Includes COMPOSER™ gas composition firmware.
  • Network integration through Ethernet/IP, DeviceNet, Profibus, or Modbus, as well as serial connection options.

mass flow controller with optional backlit color display--from Alicat

Alicat mass flow controller with COMPOSER™ gas composition software and color display

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