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Authorized National Distributor for SMC
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Bidirectional Mass Flow Controllers (MCD Series)

Flow control like you’ve never seen before

Alicat Scientific proudly introduces the world’s first bidirectional flow controller. Control flows into your process in one direction, and then switch directions. Or control flows into a closed process, and then vent the volume with no need for additional bleed valves.
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The most versatile flow controller in the world

  • 50-100 ms control response for all configurations.
  • Measure mass flow and volumetric flow in both directions, plus absolute pressure and temperature.
  • Control mass or volumetric flow from a pressurized source or from vacuum.
  • Control absolute pressure in a flowing process or closed volume.
  • Numerous user-selectable engineering units.
  • Includes COMPOSER™ gas composition firmware.
MCD-Series bidirectional mass flow controller, shown with IPC option

MCD-Series bidirectional mass flow controller, shown with optional potentiometer control

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