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Authorized National Elite Distributor for SMC
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In-Line Orifice Restrictors

  Orifice Restrictors are designed for use in pneumatic control circuits. Available in 17 color coded sizes. The orifices are precision molded of polysulfone and are held to flow tolerances of plus or minus 3%. The F-2815 Series Orifice Restrictors are designed for inline installation.  
  See Flow Characteristics.  

- Accuracy: Orifice Size +/-.0003"
- Material: FDA Approved Polycarbonate
- Max. Operating Pressure: 100PSI
- Connection: Straight Connection for 1/16" I.D. Tubing
- Repeatability (for Straight only): +/-.0002" or +/-3% Flow, whichever is greater


Size Color Straight Barb 1/16 Barb 1/8 Barb
0.003 Gold F-2815-003 F-2815-003-B80 F-2815-003-B85
0.004 Purple F-2815-004 F-2815-004-B80 F-2815-004-B85
0.005 White F-2815-005 F-2815-005-B80 F-2815-005-B85
0.007 Yellow F-2815-007 F-2815-007-B80 F-2815-007-B85
0.008 Light Green F-2815-008 F-2815-008-B80 F-2815-008-B85
0.009 Lavender F-2815-009 F-2815-009-B80 F-2815-009-B85
0.010 Light Blue F-2815-010 F-2815-010-B80 F-2815-010-B85
0.012 Green F-2815-012 F-2815-012-B80 F-2815-012-B85
0.014 Orange F-2815-014 F-2815-014-B80 F-2815-014-B85
0.016 Gray F-2815-016 F-2815-016-B80 F-2815-016-B85
0.017 Brown F-2815-017 F-2815-017-B80 F-2815-017-B85
0.019 Red F-2815-019 F-2815-019-B80 F-2815-019-B85
0.020 Dark Blue F-2815-020 F-2815-020-B80 F-2815-020-B85
0.025 Black F-2815-025 F-2815-025-B80 F-2815-025-B85
0.030 Beige F-2815-030 F-2815-030-B80 F-2815-030-B85
0.035 Dark Gray F-2815-035 F-2815-035-B80 F-2815-035-B85
0.040 Teal F-2815-040 F-2815-040-B80 F-2815-040-B85

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