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SMC Products for the Life Science Industry

SMC Products for the Life Science Industry

SMC has made significant efforts to develop innovative products that meet the specific demands of diverse life science sectors. We understand that products for the life science industry must be compact, clean, efficient, precise, and flexible.

We provide high tech solutions from the smallest local organizations to the largest multinational corporations. Whether you're a specialist device manufacturer or an instrument producer looking for innovative product miniaturization, our extensive global manufacturing and distribution network ensures fast service and delivery throughout the world.

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Electric Actuators

Rotary Type

The LER rotary electric actuators feature a rotating worktable positioned above an enclosure for the motor and drivetrain. Three different motor/table sizes are available, with each size offering a basic and high torque variation. Additionally, each size offers four rotating angle options, including 90°, 180°, 310 / 320°, and continuously rotating.

Rod Type

The LEY rod type electric actuator has a familiar rod cylinder form suitable for push, pull, lift and press applications. The 24VDC motor can be reverse mounted for compact length, or inline mounted for compact height. The LEY series offers a wide variety of actuator mounting options as well, including numerous direct and bracket styles.

Slider Type

The original LEFS slider features an inline motor with a cover. Because the motor drives the ballscrew directly, additional cost of a belt and pulley system is avoided. The motor cover is taller than the load platform, so be aware of potential interference at the origin position.

Electric Grippers

SMC electric gripper series includes three series (LEHZ, LEHZJ and LEHF) fitted with two fingers. LEHS is available with three fingers. Dust covers, low profile fingers and long stroke options are some of the series options. The 3 finger type is ideal for holding round work pieces. Benefits of electric grippers include adjustable gripping forces, a drop prevention function, and capability for recognizing different dimensions and outputting length measurements.

Pneumatic Actuators

CUJ Mini Free
Mount Cylinder

The CUJ miniature free mount series is a space saving compact cylinder. It is available in 4mm to 10mm bore sizes with stroke lengths up to 20mm for double acting and 10mm for single acting. Options include auto switch capabilities, double and single acting, mounting from 4 directions.

Standard Cylinder

The CQ2 compact cylinder is the world's best selling pneumatic cylinder and is supported globally. The CQ2 is available in 15 bore sizes from 12mm to 200mm. It comes standard with male or female piston rod threads. 42 standard options make it one of the most versatile cylinder series on the market. For mounting flexibility, it is possible to mount auto switches on any of the 4 surfaces.

MGJ Mini Guide
Rod Cylinder

The MGJ is a miniature sized version of the MGP standard guided actuator designed for small load applications that require high accuracy. Its integrated guide rods provides a non-rotating accuracy of &plumn;0.1°. It is targeted for the electronic equipment and instrumentation industries and not intended for use in stopper applications.

CRJ Mini
Rotary Actuator

In our pursuit of excellence in size and weight reduction, we proudly announce the release of the CRJ series, mini-rotary actuator. A new compact body design not only reduces overall space requirements, but also achieves space savings in wiring and piping. Ease in mounting is maximized thanks to the merits of the new compact body. Large roller bearing and large diameter output shaft add to overall compactness while ensuring high rigidity.

Chemical / Fluid Process Valves

LVM 2/3 Port
Chemical Valve

Solenoid valve is designed for special applications like air, gas, steam, water and oil. The VXK includes a Y type strainer installed inside the body to remove foreign materials mixed in fluids before they enter the actuating part of the valve (armature), as well as preventing the flow of foreign materials to downstream equipment. The VXH is high pressure capable of a maximum operating pressure is 2.0 MPa.

VX2 2 Port
Solenoid Valve

The VX2 series is 2 port direct solenoid valve for general purpose air, medium vacuum and water. Available body materials include resin, aluminum, brass or stainless steel with port size up to 1/2 inch. Resin body is offered with one touch fitting to reduce installation time. It is also available as a manifold to reduce piping.

VDW 2 Port
Solenoid Valve

The VDW series is a compact direct operated 2/3 port solenoid valve for air, water and medium vacuum. Available body materials include resin, brass or stainless steel. Resin body is offered with one touch fitting to reduce installation time. It is suitable for applications that requires a small footprint and flow of less than Cv of 0.30.

VNB 2 Port Flow
Control Valve

The VNB series is a 2 port process valve for a wide variety of fluids including air, water, oil, gas and vacuum. Body material options include copper alloy, aluminum and stainless steel. Available as external pilot solenoid or air operated.

Directional Control Valves

S070 3 Port Ultra
Compact Valve

Series S070 is a super compact direct acting 2/3 port solenoid valve that meets the miniaturization needs of analyzers, medical equipment and semiconductor manufacturing equipment. S070 is extremely lightweight (5g for valve single unit type) and operation noise is 38dB(A) or less. It is easy to increase or decrease the number of stations (stacking base). Valve width is 7mm.

VV061 Unit
Manifold Valve

The VV061 series is a direct operated 3-way solenoid valve designed for 4 and 8 station units with integrated compact manifold, valve, circuit board, base and fittings forming a single compact unit. VV061 series model has an optional power saving circuit that can be used for long-term continuous duty. This unit is available with one-touch or barb fitting and an optional connector cable with lengths of 300, 600, or 1000mm.

V100 3 Port
Lightweight Valve

Customers looking for a compact, light-weight, high flow valve for piloting process valves or actuator applications, need search no longer. SMC's series V100 is one of the most advanced solenoid valves in today’s market. The standard V100 uses only 0.35w, which is 76% less than comparable valves. The low power model uses only 0.1w, reflecting dramatic savings of up to 93% compared to existing products. Weighing in at a mere 12g, with flow rates between 8.4 and 24 l/minute, it’s the perfect solution when space, performance, and component weight is critical.

PVQ Compact
Proportional Valve

PVQ series, compact proportional solenoid valve, was designed by SMC with a direct poppet construction. This construction enables low leakage, while de-energized. PVQ series has been used in applications such as air blow, flow control, hand piece control for dental unit and other respiratory equipment, as well as, cooling for laser machinery etc.

High Purity Fluoropolymer


Series TIL high purity fluoropolymer tubing is available as standard in inch sizes of 50' and 100' rolls. The TIL series has outstanding corrosion resistance, compatible with chemicals such as acids, bases and ultrapure water. The TIL series is also compatible with maximum fluid temperatures of up to 200°C.

Series TL high purity fluoropolymer tubing is available as standard in metric sizes of 10m or 20m rolls. The TL series has outstanding corrosion resistance, compatible with chemicals such as acids, bases and ultrapure water.

LQ3 Fluoropolymer

SMC high purity Hyperflare™ Fitting series LQ* responds to the latest demands in process control. From parts cleaning to assembly and packaging, all processes are controlled for cleanliness, and the use of new PFA virtually eliminates particle generation and TOC (total organic carbon) allowing confident use for the most demanding applications. If chemistries or flow requirements are changed during process, our face seal design allows for quick change of tubing, and/or tube diameters, using the same fitting body.

LVQ 2 Port
Chemical Valve

Series LVQ is a 2 port chemical valve with a non-metallic exterior. A high density PVDF housing offers increased chemical resistance and the special diaphragm construction insures gentle opening and closing preventing the formation of micro-bubbles. The LVQ guide ring eliminates lateral motion of the poppet, which reduces internal leakage.

Temperature Control

HRS Compact

HRS compact recirculating chillers are designed to meet the widest range of single-point applications in both industrial and technology settings. The package design is robust enough for the factory, yet ergonomic and compact for lab installations. Coolant can be either heated or cooled within the set temperature range. Choose from six cooling capacities, air or water cooled refrigerant, and global power supply options. This model is compatible with 100 VAC power.

KKA Quick
Connect Couplers

S coupler series KK employs a unique connection method. A slim body design and large effective area are achieved with a construction that does not use steel balls or valve springs and therefore does not restrict the flow path. Together with a reduction of the body size, pressing parts and resin parts are used to achieve an overall weight reduction.

PF3W Digital
Flow Switch

Series PF3W digital flow switch is perfect for applications requiring a constantly monitored flow of cooling or cleaning water. The PF3W series has been improved both in design and operating performance over the PF2W flow switch. Depending on the selected model, the PF3W is up to 40% smaller in volume, offering improved piping space and flexibility. Designed to work with fluids up to 90°C, these switches incorporate a built-in temperature sensor so both flow and fluid temperature can be effectively monitored at the same time. Further improvements include the addition of 2 screens, incorporating 3-color numerical displays which can also be rotated in both clockwise and counter-clockwise directions, thereby offering even better display visibility during operation. Available as non-grease type and with analogue output if required, the PF3W meets IP 65 enclosure protection standards and is both RoHS and CE compliant.

Mount Chiller

The HECR is a refrigerant-free temperature control device mountable in a 19-inch rack. Rack mounting recovers desktop or floor space, permitting stacking of related devices and mobility, depending on the rack style. Air cooling frees the installation from dependence on facility cooling water. This model achieves high precision regulation of recirculating coolant using an air-cooled peltier element. This device is self-contained with peltier regulating element, fan cooled heat exchanger, pump, tank and power supply.

Liquid Dispense Pump

LSP Liquid
Dispense Pump

LSP series is a compact solenoid diaphragm pump for liquid. It dispenses fixed amount of liquid from 5uL to 200uL each time it is energized. Its diaphragm movement is supported by buffer, extending life of the product and improve its repeatability (±1%) by restricting deformation of the diaphragm. LSP is used in applications such as medical analyzer, ink jet printing or semiconductor/solar cell production.

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